Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Busy Busy Bee.

I have been incredibly busy lately! I love it. and also despise it. I know a big part of running your own business is time management. I may have mentioned before, I am not the best at time management, I probably wouldn't even be in the running if they held a "Time Management Competition"

Thank God there is no such competition. I hate losing.

Editing is my worst enemy. It eats up time like no ones business. I love the art of editing, I love what I can create with it. I don't love that it can take up to an hour just to edit one image (This isn't usually the case, but it has happened before) Thus, I tend to *procrastinate the editing process. For example: Right now I should be editing, what am I doing? lets say it together folks: BLOGGING.

That brings me to another thing I am not too good at. Yes. You have noticed it. Blogging. I intend to work on both of these things this summer. No promises. :) Thanks in advance for your patience!

*Though right now I am outright telling you I procrastinate editing. I want you to know that I have never made a client wait more than 2 weeks to view all their photos.

Now.... back to editing... Lots of wedding pictures to come! :)

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