Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our engagement story!

So, I thought it was about time I blogged about our engagement!

Trevor and I got engaged on October 13th, The day before his birthday.
also the one year anniversary of when he told me he loved me for the first time. (awww so romantic) 
We have been to Cinzetti's 3 times. 
The first time we went was after we had been dating for 2 months, we walked over to the walk-way bridge above the Highway and took some pictures (some of my favorite pictures of us!)
Our Bridge

The 2nd time we went was on Trevor's birthday last year, after which is when, for the first time, he told me he loved me. So in honor of that, Trevor asked me to go to Cinzetti's, knowing that I, again, would want to take pictures on that same bridge which we had nicknamed the original "Our Bridge"

So when we returned to Cinzetti's we grabbed my camera and the new tripod Trevor had bought for me for this day and walked to Our Bridge.

When we got up there I took a few test shots on Trevor than set my camera to Timer mode and pressed the shutter before running over to pose next to him. I ran back to go check the picture and somehow I must have set it wrong cause there was no picture, so I reset the timer mode and ran back over to Trevor.

This time as soon as I got there he suddenly got down on one knee and with a ring in his hand asked me to marry him. I of course said yes and here we are!
So here are the pictures taken on that day!

We still don't have a date set in stone but we are hoping for July!


  1. My favorite part of all of these pictures: Trevor may or may not be wearing a T-shirt with a batman logo underneath his nice clothes. Please tell me I'm right.

  2. I'm pretty sure you're right, I will have to confirm with him though.


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