Monday, March 4, 2013

Paradigm shift

I just got back from an incredible experience. I had the amazing opportunity to go to Showit United and it was REMARKABLE!

I am an experience driven person. I love new places, meeting new people and learning new things. So going to Showit United was exciting for me! I knew I would be experiencing all of this!

I am blown away. I have a million words and yet I have no words. I am so thankful for these new friends I have made and how they have changed my life.

I expected to learn about how to be better at what I DO but instead I was reminded of what is really important.

I have encountered a paradigm shift and honestly its been a long time coming. I feel as though my whole life has led up to this moment and everything God has brought me through prepared me to sit in a room with over 200 other amazing people. what brought us all together is what we DO. We are photographers, We are creatives, we are artists to our core and we love every minute of it!

 But we are so much more than what we do! We are so much more than photographers!

I sat in a room with people who have amazing characters, values and hearts. who are humble and giving of themselves. Loving others with smiles and TONS of great hugs. I had amazing conversations and plenty of laughs and was reminded of how inquisitive photographers are! haha!

Because what is important isn't how many "likes" I have on FB but its about serving and loving my clients and everyone around me,  character and integrity far outlast talent. I was reminded to set my values above my goals and to have a dream that is bigger than myself(ishness). I was reminded of the deep things God had put in my heart. places in my heart were brought back to life that I had let died. I was reminded to appreciate everything and everyone. To appreciate the stories of every person.

 I sat and listened to some photographers that are incredible at what they do, I sat and heard their stories, their "why" behind life and photography and business. I walked away knowing how amazing and beautiful their hearts really are. Every single story changed me. Every single moment impacted me, Every single experience inspired me. All I could do was breathe it all in.

I am honored to call these people my friends and I enjoyed having fun and deep conversations with so many of them! I cannot wait to all be together again!

I walk away with bigger dreams than I have ever dared to dream, I walk away feeling alive again, I walk away inspired by every single one of you!

THANK YOU to everyone who shared their stories! YOU are all incredible and I am a better person for knowing you! I am SOOOOO proud to be a showiteer!! #Word

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