Thursday, January 13, 2011

I have finally decided to start my blog.
I have decided to take on the challenge of finding something interesting to write about.

I have decided this because I have finally been inspired enough to do so, or maybe I have just decided to stop being lazy.

I love writing. I really do, it might be the number 2 to Photography. Though I don't really think of myself as that talented of a writer, I hope to not let that hold me back from doing it. So, here I am. writing this blog.

I have a lot on my heart right now. This weekend I will be attending a Jr High winter camp with the church youth group I am a leader at. I am more than excited for this. I was praying in my car yesterday and felt like God was just giving me his heart for the girls in my room. I am 100% for them, my desire is that they will know God in a real way. That they will have a revelation moment of the realness of the truth of God. I cannot wait to see what they walk away with after this weekend.  I am going to take my camera along though I am not quite sure how much it will get used. But hopefully you will be seeing a few of the pictures up here on Monday. HOPEFULLY. :D

This is supposed to be my photography blog so I couldn't leave you without some sort of photo that I have taken. Before last summer started, I was going to start a 365 project (where you post a photo everyday for 365 days.) This was going to be the first photo I used. I thought it only right that it would be the first photo I post on my new blog...

 I will try my hardest to not neglect this blog. I don't promise a post everyday, but I will try my hardest to keep it updated. 

Things you can expect:

Photo shoots galore! 
My musings 
Things that inspire me
Thoughts that are on my heart or mind

I hope you are as excited as I am! This is gonna be the BEST BLOG EVER!

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