Monday, January 17, 2011


I am at a loss for words.
Writing down my experience at camp, the first, the only word that comes to mind is; Wow.

Its ironic to say it was "The best camp ever" but I find myself saying that, and truly meaning that after each camp. (Tag?). It reminds me of what Adam said, That God's presence is like Jelly Beans. There are unlimited flavors. Every worship service has a new, different flavor. It is our job to taste and see.

Every camp has built upon the last and this camps climax did not disappoint.  Sometimes it is hard for me to come home and share with someone who wasn't at camp the things that God did. It feels like an adventure that they did not partake in and telling them just wouldn't give the experience justice. It feels like trying to describe in great detail and quote the entire script of my favorite movie. trying to explain how the music makes the movie feel, how the camera angles brought out the best in each shot, the emotion that I got from watching the movie, without being able to let them watch, experience the movie for themself, they will never be able to grasp the impact it has.

How can I bring what happened at this camp justice?

I cannot. I can only tell you that God showed up. That He came. even though He didn't have to. He came and touched our hearts. He came because He wanted to, He came because we asked Him to and Because when we asked Him to we moved His heart.

God is so good, He is so faithful. His Grace is so amazing and experiencing Him is what we are created for.

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