Monday, February 28, 2011

I am a little behind...

ok, ok, A LOT behind.

Blogging is hard. You must be disciplined. I, Rhema Sturgeon am not too disciplined. It's something I'm working on. Anyhow, Here is an update for you :)

My most recent shoot was with the wonderful Bailey. Bailey is my intern. She helps me out with shoots, she also is a second shooter for me. She is a really good photographer and has a natural eye. She notices details whether that be a small bird in the background or the texture in a building. She tries to add that to her work and I love it :).

Bailey is a Senior this year and for her Senior Portraits she wanted to do all four Seasons! I LOVED this idea and have been excited to shoot every one. We are on our third Season which is Winter (duhhhh) however here in the amazingly beautiful yet unpredictable state of Colorado the weather has not been too Wintery (the squiggly line underneath that word indicates that it is not a "real" word, but I am gonna go with it.) So Bailey and I were getting nervous that we weren't going to have Snow for a Winter shoot. Alas! It did indeed snow for us. It was also a nice sunny day and so we got to shoot! Yay!

So here are my favorites from that shoot!

(oh and if you are interested here are her Summer and Fall Sessions)

Bailey's Fall Session
Bailey's Summer Session


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