Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Traw Family

I finally found time to blog about this wonderful shoot with this adorable family!
Devon found me through Deidra. They met because both of their kids have the same physical therapist.
Little Gauge has a muscle disorder called Congenital Myopathy. Through physical therapy he is using a walker (its so small!) to walk! Devon was so excited for me to get pictures of him walking! I also was able to get pictures of him standing! He was such a trooper and is absolutely adorable! My sister came along to help me out for this shoot and we both fell in love with the little guy!

I am amazingly blessed by the families I get to meet through this business and the stories I get to tell!
Devon and Dustin are going to be getting married later this year and she will officially be a Traw! (though she says she already considers herself to be one) I am so excited for the three of you!  :)

Here are some pictures of Gauge walking!

(For more pictures of the Traw Family check out my facebook page!)

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