Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{Bridal Portraits} Alyssa+Isaiah

Back in June my best friend Alyssa married her best friend Isaiah!(View Wedding Day Pictures here)
 I got to be apart of their amazingly beautiful day! Since I was in the wedding party I wasn't able to take any pictures of their wedding day so we decided back in June that we would give Alyssa a chance to get back in her wedding dress and take some bridal portraits! Alyssa brought the outdoors indoors for her wedding and had several trees lining the walkway. She had tons of lanterns hanging from the trees so we decided to incorporate both into our Session.

I have way to many pictures to show you but I love them so much I wanted to share all my favorites!

Thanks to:
Floral designs: Charity Emslie
Green Skinny Tie:
Lanterns: Ikea
Wedding day Photography: Grace Combs Photography

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