Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wedding Weekend!

So I just finished a weekend of weddings. I had 4 weddings in a row! It was crazy!! But it was amazing and I am blessed that these four couples chose me to be a part of their day.

It amazes me how weddings are mostly the same. We all recite vows, exchange rings, kiss as a married couple for the first time and walk out of the room/ field/ golf course all of a sudden a married couple!

Receptions include all of the same traditions (the more I'm around them the weirder I think they are) we have a farewell dance with our parents, we dance as one together for the first time, cut cake, throw garters and bouquets and runaway to the gettaway car.

And even though we all do the same things, every wedding is so different. It is always uniquely that bride and grooms day, and I LOVE IT!!

Every wedding is an amazing story of two lives coming together, two people falling in love. It is the end of an independent, single life and the beginning of a life lived for another person. A new chapter in life! I cannot think of anything more exciting!

I love my job! I love that I get to be the one zoomed in on the groom's face when he sees his bride for the first time. I get to be the one who sees how the bride relaxes in his arms and see as her face glows with that of a woman who knows she is loved. Who gets to freeze her laugh in time on the best day of her life. Oh yeah, and I get to help make it the best day of her life! I definitely have the best job in the world!

Here is a picture from each of the weddings I shot this last weekend. 
Every one of my brides was stunning! 

More to come soon!

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